Tuesday, February 1, 2011

36 months

Three years....sisterlocked

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life is Good

My sister's sisterlocks

I don't have much to post about except that life is good... My hair is growing a lil bit. I need to find good setting lotion but I don't I dont like hard hair. I was thinking if I oiled it with Carol's daughter after it drys it would soften up. We will c. I will let you know. I have about 15 to 20 lbs to go to be a my weight loss goal which is going to be hard with the upcoming holidays. I am always in charge of making desserts. Lucky me! I should make Jello! that will teach them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Updated Pic

Well school justed started in the metro area...I will be busy busy busy as usual... I am also starting my doctoral program...well that is a mouthful already. Nothing to post really. My hair is just doing what it do... I still have loose ends on some but I don't know what to do about it. My new shampoo of choice is Taliah Wajidd(spelling don't feel like checking ) Black Earth shampoo. I would like to color my hair or rather add some highlights but I wan't some length before I do that.. I love my black hair and light locks... I just don't know...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Younger Sister's Locks

Last night we went to see Maxwell and Jill Scott.. Great concert.. I sat on a row with random ladies most of which had naturals. One had sisterlocks ( we chatted and found out we get our hair done at the same place Ms. Elaine) and the other next to me with traditional locks( who wants to cut her 2yr locks). Go figure y am I having random conversations with strangers at a Maxwell Jill Scott show. The row above me two fros and one lady with beautiful two strand twists and their was one right above me with long traditional lock. She was telling her friend.. those must be sisterlocks. I turned around and said yep..LOL.. ummm I can hear you

I didn't do a thing. I just washed my hair right before the concert and free styled. I didn't have time to twist etc..

My sister she twisted and curled. Her locks are 31 months.. They are so thick. She recently got them cut and groomed.

Go Texas! Lots of naturals in the building.. but more and more people seem to think I add hair lol

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's been a Long Time

Well the school year is finally out this week! I would say time to start vacation but it looks like I will be in school all of the summer! boooooooo! Well it will all work out in the end. Life is good right now. I have nothing to complain about or whine about. Well I can but what would it matter. I haven't posted any new pics because in my opinion my hair looks the same. You know how that goes when you looking at your own hair.

My new favorite product is Jamaican Mango and Lime Lock and Set styling Lotion in the yellow bottle. It's not too heavy. I basically two strand twist and roll the ends with lock loops.I am not going to spend the time to braid or plait my hair. I don't think its long enough for that and I don't like it tight. My next re-ti is July 3. I get my hair done every7 weeks and I maintain my hairline myself and any loose ones so I can cut down on my time in that chair so my maximum time is 2 hours for $60 and a wash. I never stay for a roller set.. I am not sitting under that dryer. I like beauty shop convo too much. Well enjoy your summer. I will post after my re-ti or I may post my sister's locks.

sisterlocked 29 months

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post of My Reti

Two Year Anniversary

I had my reti on yesterday.. I guess its growing...
Anyway today at my son's game this lady who was natural.. had a baseball cap on.. she came up and was like oh I love ur hair.. Is it all yours? What kind of hair is that? I proceeded to tell her its sisterlocks and told her they are locks which are not started by twisting or some product in a more traditional way. I said it's ur own hair intelocked.. she said so its not ur hair. She looked in amazement and said I will have to ask my stylist.. I looked at her and sighed .. I said google it. If she is not on the website... but then as I continued to explain she looked all bewildered like I was making the word "sisterlock" up... I think I will print Q & A and keep it n my purse.. Then she grabbed a handful and said it doesn't feel like yours.. and then further insulted me by saying "well why are your roots straight at the hairline like a perm?... WOW....called her friend over and said this is all her hair.....My hair is nothing compared to the really long sisterlocks..

I am really happy with my hair... I want it to look like others though.. not totally satisfied yet
I am really happy that this is a hair option for women who want to go natural and who may not want to do a big chop initially.. but it has to happen and the sooner the better because the permed scraggly ends have got to go.

All of my locks are unique.. no two are the same and not all of them are totally sealed because of my hair pattern which is slightly a kinky sorta of way..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ok its been Two Years

My hair is growing I guess.. My sister celebrated two yrs in Nov.

Wow.. I have had my sisterlocks for two years now! January made made 24 months! woo hoo.. I will post more on Sunday because I have a hair appt with Ms Elaine over the weekend.. I recently purchased Dr. Bonner's Peppermint bar of soap for my hair...I think I read about this somewhere. I will post pics from two weeks ago. This weekend i will put up new pics. I have been busy with the kids and driving here and there and everywhere and of course work so no time to blog much. Thanks for stopping by...